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Preventative Maintenance


SPS offer preventative maintenance to all our commercial and domestic sector clients, including cleaning out their drain system on a regular basis to prevent drains and man holes from blocking. In our package we offer high pressure jetting, complete de-scale and flush through of the system to prevent any unnecessary emergency call outs for blocked drains and pipes in the near future. Maintenance is a more cost effective way of reducing your emergency call outs due to the conditions and age of the drain system.

Preventive Maintenance

Further recommendations for maintenance programme:

As a typical example of a preventive maintenance schedule, we may be booked to check a drain twice a year for cleaning using high pressure jetting, CCTV and rotary machines to relieve any blockages and keep down scale from foul-waste drains and surface water drain system.

All gullies entering drains will be jetted and all manholes and laterals up to stack pipes and kitchen sink wastes will be jetted and checked preventing smells and blockages re-appearing.

All waste pipes will be checked i.e. sinks, kitchen waste, toilet traps and urinals, etc. A full comprehensive report of any further recommendations, i.e repairs or further works needed. If you would like to talk to one of our qualified engineers, please call and ask one of our friendly emergency team to direct your call…