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Honest Pricing


Drainage charges

Our pricing is straightforward and clear with no hidden charges. We won’t advertise especially low per-half hour or hourly rates, only to bump up the prices with extras such as chemicals and unnecessary machinery that may not even be needed. No, we will provide you with an honest price based on a realistic time-frame, so you have a fairly accurate estimate as to the final cost.

Our drainage charges are set at £60 per half-hour, irrespective of what machinery we use,  and that will be without any extra charges whatsoever. This half-hourly rate will rise to £70 after 6pm. Tankers are charged from £550.

Service Features
  • Free CCTV check
  • All work guaranteed
  • Fixed-price option
  • Tankers available
  • No call-out charge

The guarantee on all work is subject to the drain not being misused. We also offer customers the chance to go for a fixed price unblock of £150 irrespective of how many hours we may spend on site, again this is subject to drains not being collapsed, as once they are at this stage they cannot be cleared (this service only available during hours).

Plumbing rates

Our plumbing charges are set at £40 per half-hour and rise to £50 out of hours (after 6pm).